About Fellowship Home Loans

When the time comes to purchase a new home or refinance an existing one, consumers want someone who puts their needs first, rather than focusing on any commission that may be made on the mortgage loan. Uncovering this type of individual isn’t always easy, as those in the mortgage industry are geared to making a sale. They understand what to say to convince a borrower to work with them. For this reason, many potential home buyers or those looking to refinance a loan turn to a Christian lender, one that shares their values and puts their needs first.

Christian lenders always put their clients’ interests first, never taking advantage of those who are at a disadvantage in any way. In addition, lenders of this type work to keep fees reasonable and ensure the client understands what they are taking on when purchasing the home. Finding somebody who truly embodies these principles and backs them up with action, not merely words, can be a challenge. Christian mortgage providers likewise work to ensure the purchase won’t create a financial hardship for the borrower, taking numerous factors into account when coming to this determination. For this reason, many individuals now turn to Mike Rakeman and Brian Schiele of Fellowship Loans, Christian mortgage guys, when they wish to purchase a home or refinance an existing one.

Brian and Mike have been in the radio and mortgage industry for more than ten years now and have worked hard to build a positive relationship not only with their clients, but with everyone in the community they serve. They pride themselves on always doing the right thing for their clients and those that follow them on the radio, and they will work tirelessly to find the right product for every client’s needs. When doing so, Mike and Brian provide the client with multiple options and take the time to explain the benefits and drawbacks of each option.