loan officer

Steve Lee

Sr. Mortgage Banker - NMLS # 1696518
Working directly with clients to better their daily lives is what I wake up for!


Steve Lee has been in the Mortgage Industry since 2015. When he first started in the industry, he was an auditor for all home loan transactions, whether they were refinance or purchase. While working as an auditor he saw all the adjustments that could be made upfront that would ease the process. Since leaving the auditor position he chose to pursue a career in loan originating.

Prior to working in the mortgage industry, Steve was a counselor working with at-risk youth and adults who suffered from depression, substance abuse, and poverty. He later realized that working with youth and their parents, more and more problems stem from their financial stability. Steve has said that Loan Originating and showing clients steps to have financial success has been the greatest career choice he’s ever made.

“Working directly with clients to better their daily lives is what I wake up for!”- Steve

Once Steve started working for Fellowship Home Loans, he realized that it was a match made in heaven.

“Working in a faith-based organization whose values align with your own is everything you can ask for. We both genuinely care about our clients and strive to make their daily lives better. That is the most rewarding work you can do.”- Steve