loan officer

Tyler Jones

Sr. Mortgage Banker - NMLS 1571279

“I love that we are a faith-based lender. It speaks leaps and bounds about the morals and integrity of everyone here at the company.”


Tyler spent most of his childhood in California and Arizona, and has resided in southern California for almost twenty years. Previously, Tyler worked briefly for two mortgage companies and eventually left the industry because he was asked to do unethical actions. A number of years later, a friend told him about Fellowship and asked him to come in for an interview. Once he began learning about what Fellowship stands for, he realized the company matched his beliefs and integrity.

Reflecting on his favorite aspects of being a loan officer, Tyler shares that “I enjoy speaking with people all over the country and helping them achieve their financial goals, which is why I came back to mortgages as opposed to working in just sales.”

Having a strong background in sales necessitates that Tyler have good communication and listening skills. Communication is key to meeting everyone’s needs and knowing what someone truly wants, and this is a gift that everyone at Fellowship recognized in Tyler.

Tyler has been married for 3 years and just bought his first house recently in 2015. Tyler and his wife are beginning to start a family this year. In his spare time, Tyler plays in a casual softball league with friends. He also watches a lot of movies, his favorites being The Prestige and Memento.