loan officer

Timothy Leck

Loan Officer - NMLS 1410920

"At Fellowship, we work together and put our minds together to create the most beneficial option for all of our clients.”


Tim graduated from Binghamton University in 2014 and shortly after joined the Mortgage Industry. Tim grew up in Rockville Centre and attended the same high school as Mike. After teaming up with his brother William, they both decided to join Mike and Brian and Fellowship Home Loans.

“It did not take long to realize why Fellowship Home Loans has been so successful. The professionalism, care and loyalty that all employees show to their clients is contagious and it starts from the top. Mike and Brian strive to create a relationship with their borrowers by getting to know them on a personal level and turning that in beneficial options for their financial situations.”

Tim takes great pride in getting to know his clients and creating that relationship in order to grow his business. He believes that each interaction with a new client is an open door to uncapped potential for growth.

“I have learned that every client has a different situation, no two stories are the same. At Fellowship, we work together and put our minds together to create the most beneficial option for all of our clients.”


Fellowship Home Loans offer a wide range of loan services through Fellowship Home Loans including both refinance and purchase options. Refinance services include Adjustable Rate Mortgages, Fixed Rate Loans, FHA and Conventional Financing and HARP loans. Purchase loan services include FHA Financing, Adjustable Rate Mortgages, and Fixed Rate Loans as well as other customized loan options. VA Home Loans and Reverse Mortgages are also available through Fellowship Home Loans.

With several loan choices available, Timothy focuses on finding the absolute best option for his clients. He looks for a loan that will be financially manageable and one that will help them accomplish their dream of owning their home or securing a refinance with the terms they want. The application process for each of the loans is simple and straightforward, only requiring basic information to get started.

Each loan is customized for the client, and Timothy always spends the necessary time to fully educate his clients so that they understand the terms of their loan. Timothy also explains the benefits and disadvantages of every loan that the client will qualify for so that they can make an informed final decision. With a focus on transparency and trustworthiness, Timothy’s loan services through Fellowship Home Loans are founded on Biblical principles, and he treats all of his clients as if they were family.


I worked with Tim Leck and I'm so very thankful to him and FHL! I had previously worked with United Mortgage and let me tell you, Tim and FHL accomplished in a little over 6 weeks what United Mortgage couldn't in 2 years!! Tim is very professional, kind, patient and knowledgeable. He always responded in a very timely manner if not immediately! I love this company! I recommend Tim and FHL to anyone with the greatest confidence that they will be in good hands. So kind and considerate, such a servants heart ,in ensuring that they're not only meeting, but exceeding their customers ‘needs. Tim never once got frustrated or impatient with me. He is empathic and discerning and had no problem with answering my endless questions, LOL! Tim explained the process in great detail and I'll have to be honest, I'm so surprised that it took so little time and felt so effortless. I feel so blessed! I've already told Tim to consider himself adopted! He now has a sister in me! This evening I will be closing on my refi....refinancing a home that I've owned for 12 years. What yawl don't understand is that because Tim and FHL were obedient to God, they've helped me to get out of a first mortgage with an adjustable rate of 8.875% and a second mortgage (HELOC )with a fixed rate of 11.14% that has a balloon payment that was set to mature in 2021. No more high interest rates! No more first and second mortgages! No more interest rate that adjusts every 6 months! No more paying property taxes and home owner's insurance separately and no more fear of losing my home in 2021! Glory be to God! I'm so thankful and happy to Tim and FHL!

My husband and I were so impressed by the interactions we had with Fellowship Home Loans. I truly enjoyed working with Tim Leck, and I mean that in the most sincere way. He was not only professional and courteous, but personable, kind and funny! For a couple weeks it was like I had a new best friend! We spoke on a daily basis as he worked quickly and professionally through all of the many processes required to refinance our home with a VA loan, but it never really felt like work to me because Tim made it quite painless!

Incredibly, the loan closed in just about two weeks from the day my husband and I decided to go with Fellowship Home Loans! My mom is a retired loan officer, and she was blown away at how quickly and professionally our refinance was handled! The entire process could not have gone more smoothly or quickly for us.

And when I thought it couldn't get any better, last week we received a thank-you package from them containing the most thoughtful of gifts! I felt like we should have been the ones sending gifts to them! It contained a beautifully packaged Chocolate Chip Cookie gift-bake set (my husband's favorite!) and an amazingly scented Currant and Fig candle that I definitely would have chosen for myself!. The best part was that the package contained a beautiful Bible and "My Daily Bread" devotional. Our family is set when it comes to Bibles, but I lead a Young Life Bible study for teenage girls, and this Bible will make a perfect gift for one of them!

If you are looking for a team of professionals who are truly interested in doing what is best for YOU, and who follow Biblical principles as they work with you, then please consider this awesome company! We will go back to them every time we purchase or refinance a home, because they are by far the best I've ever worked with!

We recently refinance our home and we had a great experience working from begging to end with Timothy Leck, he was always very professional, returning my calls and text immediately, every question we had for him was important, he lead us to the process and help us understand every step.

I definitely will recommend this company to everyone, they goes above and beyond for helping you in everything you need. Thanks Tim and fellowship home for making this a wonderful experience.

I am just finishing up a re-fi with this company and what a pleasure it has been. I have been working with the same person, Timothy Leck the whole entire time. He has been on top of the whole process and in communication with me almost daily. If you are looking for any mortgage type financing I would totally recommend them. What a great experience. I was in a bit of a pickle before I reached out with another lender that had taken 5 months and still not close to completing my loan and Tim came right in and saved the day. He let me know up front that there would be no promises but would do his very best to help me out and that he did.

Thanks Tim, Thanks Fellowship for working hard for me.

I recently refinanced my home with Fellowship Home Loans and I can attest that my experience was great! I worked with Timothy Leck for my loan and he walked me step by step through the process, sought to answer ALL my questions, and overall made me feel like I was more than just a client. He was reliable, personable, forward-thinking, and truly modeled the FH Loans mission. I also had the opportunity to work William Leck, who provided sound advice based on his extensive experience and with Tim sought to deliver the best option for me! I can say they made me feel like family. The process was smooth, well-throughout, and quick. I highly recommend Fellowship Home Loans if you are seeking to purchase or refinance a home. Thank You - Tim, Bill, and Fellowship Home Loans!