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The Realtors Struggle With Pre-Approvals

When guiding potential, pre-approved home buyers through various homes, spending time with them, you will work with a client on overcoming challenges and budget constraints to find them their dream home.

Isn’t it a let down when you submit their documents and go into a contract just to find out that the pre-approval fell through and they can’t purchase the home? Not only do you have to watch the disappointment of their dream home disappear, you also spent a whole day showing houses to someone who can’t purchase.

Get sTarted!

Fellowship’s Unique Solution

The solution is called a forward conditional commitment. We ensure your clients can afford the house they want, and provide the results same-day.

Our qualified commitment is revolutionizing the home purchase side of the business. “Pre-approvals” from other lenders often aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on and aren’t accurate. We don’t want to waste anyone’s time, so we issue an actual commitment. Meaning the underwriter reviews credit and income already so you and the home buyer know that they actually qualify for the homes you are showing!

We check their credit, assets, and income and send it to our own in-house underwriter to review it and let you and your client know quickly if they’re approved. It’s incredibly more concrete than a pre-approval letter which means you will make a family extremely happy, just like you planned to do on your Saturday!



Working With Fellowship

Brian and Mike offer clients multiple choices when they are purchasing a home. With over a decade of experience as a direct lender, FHL is ready to work with you to get our clients approved for all different types of loans from VA to FHA and many others!