Mark & Sharri D

Glad we can have a new mortgage with Biblical principles.Thanks for making this process very simple. 🙂

John D, Bowie, MD

My choice was simple. I wanted to support a Christian organization. I contacted Fellowship home loans and not only was I able to support a Christian company they had the lowest rate, lowest closing costs and got my loan closed faster than any other mortgage I have even done. Thank you Mike, Brian and the Fellowship team!

Camille M, Upper Marlboro, MD

I heard Fellowship Home on the radio and I wasn’t expecting they would be able to help me lower my rate because my current bank couldn’t do anything. I was shocked when they said they could do the loan AND pay off some of my credit cards as well. I was waiting for something to go wrong with the process because of my past experiences with mortgage companies but they did everything they said they would do. Simply amazing!

John C, (Jersey City, NJ)

I didn’t have great credit and had been getting the run around from banks when I had tried to lower the rate of my mortgage. I had heard Mike and Brian on the radio for years and God was telling me to try with them because they would be straight with me even if I didn’t qualify. Not only did I get a great rate, but I got 2 months off from paying my mortgage and $1,000 back at closing. I will never forget what they did for me.

Adelle W, (Trenton,NJ)

My sister had refinanced with Mike and Brian so I gave them a call when I was looking to purchase my first home. I was very unfamiliar with the process of course and very nervous of course. They held my hand and walked me through the process and I was a homeowner just a few weeks later. They truly helped me achieve the American dream of home ownership!

Karen F, (Stamford CT)

My home equity loan payment had doubled in one month. I was in a position where I could not afford my mortgage payment plus the line of credit. I called my bank, and after 3 months of faxing more and more paperwork we never closed. I called Brian later that week. He told me he would look into. An hour later he called me back and said he could help. 16 days later we closed. WOW! That is all I have to say!!!

Johnny P, (Toms River, NJ)

When I went to file this years taxes my accountant said I should refinance my home to save money. He recommended I contact 3 lenders to compare who is the lowest. I tried my local credit union and the bank who had held my mortgage. When I heard about Mike and Brian on Christian radio I figured I would give them a shot as well. Their loan was the cheapest, I got 1,000 dollars back after closing and I had a 2 month break from mortgage payments! They say God works in mysterious ways, which is what lead me to the radio that day!

Pastor B. Williams

As Brothers in Christ Mike and Brian understand how Pastors are compensated. Many other banks never wanted to work with me because I am “employed” by the Church. Mike and Brian couldn’t have made the process easier. We closed in 2 weeks, and their rate was lower then the competition.

Monica, (Yardley, PA)

I had been trying to refinance my home but didn’t have any luck. I took the day off and went from bank to bank but was repeatedly denied. I heard about Mike & Brian on the radio and decided to call. Mike got not only my primary home approved but he also refinanced my investment property through the HARP program. What a Blessing, Thanks guys!!

Pastor Harrington, ( Neptune, NJ)

We had tried with numerous lenders and were unable to complete the refinance until we called Mike and Brian. The closing went great and my wife and I couldn’t be more pleased. We have already begun to refer the members of our church to you. Thank you for everything and God bless you.