Mike and Brian build Fellowship Home Loans

Whether you are at church, work or at home, you look to surround yourself with people that share your principles and views and values. In other words you look for Fellowship. Mike and Brian feel the same way, which is why they created a different type of mortgage company; Fellowship Home Loans.

Mike and Brian, with Fellowship Home Loans have been helping the Christian community with their home financing needs for over 12 years. They realize that life and mortgages are more than just credit scores, income and equity in your home. With their experience and personalized touch they are often able to get loans done that other companies can not. Mike and Brian built Fellowship Home Loans to facilitate Christian mortgage lending. They are also a wholesale direct mortgage lender, which means their rates are usually lower as well.

Whether it is a home purchase or a refinance of your current loan, the home mortgage process has gotten a reputation of being drawn out, stressful, and confusing. Fellowship home loans has worked tirelessly to streamline their process of christian mortgage lending to make the refinance or purchase experience stress free, transparent, and seamless as they close most loans in as little as two or three weeks. This leaves many people asking “how is that possible?”

One of the key things that Mike and Brian at Fellowship Home Loans have done is to ensure that the processing and underwriting of the mortgages are done on site. Many other lenders “ship their files out” to an off site location and do not have any involvement in the decision making of the loan. At Fellowship Home Loans, that is the opposite. They know how important a mortgage can be to each and every client they deal with. Mike and Brian make sure that they have the clients best interest in mind while maintaining their promise to a stress free mortgage experience.

Mike and Brian have been a staple in the Christian lending community for years. They have gone above and beyond to give back to the community that has been so loyal to them. They’re in the middle of running their 4th mortgage sweepstakes where they pick one blessed person’s name at random and pay their mortgage for an entire year. Mike and Brian have been guest speakers at countless churches, focused on giving their expertise and advice on home finances. Fellowship Home Loans also runs a “church of the month” contest where a $500.00 donation and a free home finance seminar are awarded to the congregation. All of their clients get 1k back at closing and two months off their mortgage payments. They have been a trusted sounding board for countless churches, and the first people those congregations think to call when they are in need of a refinance, purchase loan, or even just some advice. Mike and Brian are your mortgage lenders guided by Christian principles.

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