Arouna Koroma

Super Savvy Sales Group, LLC is a real estate agency based out of Greenbelt, MD. We possess 50 years of experience, facilitating the sale and purchase of traditional homes and other real estate property in the area. Our portfolio boasts over 750 transactions, pointing to the commitment with which we do business.

We have built our enterprise around the values of integrity, diligence, and excellent customer service. We do not believe in half-baked solutions, rather, we take the time and the necessary resources to offer our clients exactly what they want. If you are seeking to sell a home, we give you a thoroughly researched and compiled report that can help you make an informed decision.

If you are selling real estate property, whether a new or existing home, we are the listing specialist you can rely on to get into the market and gain maximum exposure. We employ a dynamic marketing strategy that suits your needs and takes advantage of trends in the property market. If you are open to selling your home outside the greater Greenbelt area, our internet marketing strategies and resources, including search engine optimization, will expose your property to a regional or even nationwide market.

Our real estate solutions come with a customized touch, thanks to our personal assistance service. Moreover, our team employs an administrative file processor to address all your needs. Touch base with Super Savvy Sales Group, LLC to strategize on a home sale or purchase today.

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