Kelli Langford

Kelli has been Licensed real estate agent since 2002. Prior to that she worked in the sales and marketing industry for top companies such as Nordstrom’s, Aveda, Microsoft, America Online and King 5 Television. She launched and published Luxury Home Magazine for five years and within that time span she also opened up a gourmet chocolate shop in Post Alley, Seattle (The chocolate Market) She absolutely loves creating and building businesses with amazing people!
She has a pure passion for people, real estate and marketing. The area she serves is the greater King and Pierce Counties. She professional photography for all her imagery and loves staging for the phot shoots and videos. The quality of the imagery takes center stage to her marketing, along with a strong online presence, being active in the community, targeted direct mail and videos.

She loves everything from the ground up to the multi – million dollar estates and can market and sell them all. What she enjoys most in this ever changing industry is making difference in people’s lives and helping them reach their real estate goals

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