Sarah Anderson & Neal Sheehan

About Sarah:

Sarah and Neal work happily and effectively together as both husband and wife, and business partners. Sarah’s interest and experience in real estate began more than 12 years ago when she bought her first home. She saw how the process could be streamlined and how problems could be avoided in what can be a time-consuming and stressful endeavor. She earned her REALTOR® designation in 2005. Since then, she’s built a reputation on putting the concerns of her clients first, starting with finding them the ideal home for their needs and wants, and following through on every aspect of the transaction. Her commitment to helping sellers achieve their goals is the same.

Her years of experience allow her to keep calm in tense situations and navigate forward on behalf of her clients. She’s handled many technically challenging transactions with success, and carries over that level of dedication with the research she does regarding any property. She and Neal thoroughly analyze the available information about a desired home, which lets them anticipate any hurdles for their clients before they become roadblocks.

Sarah’s background as a founding member of a local boutique real estate brokerage and a commercial contracting group prepared her for managing a wide range of personalities. She learned to create situations where parties feel they are treated equitably, a skill essential to effective negotiating. This is especially important and valuable in real estate because almost everyone in the transaction has a different background, a different level of experience and, often times, different expectations.

As a REALTOR®, she continues to push herself to serve her clients better. She has earned multiple professional designations and enjoys being a knowledgeable resource for both clients and colleagues.

About Neal:

Neal has been part of the real estate industry since 2008, as both an investment-property owner and a mortgage professional. His experience gained from servicing different perspectives of a real estate transaction, enables him to take proactive steps in caring for his clients and helping them make the choices that are best for them.

Neal’s years of experience in the hospitality industry have also helped prepare him for real estate. He is an expert at taking care of people and ensuring they feel comfortable during the entire process. He is genuinely interested in getting to know people to uncover what it is they need and how he can help. His goal is to communicate with clients often to coach them throughout the transaction and make it as seamless as possible.

Sarah is proud to be a lifelong Maryland native, and Neal has 20+ years as a resident of “The Old Line” state. The couple is celebrating their 17th year of marriage and expertly serves the central Maryland market and beyond. Call us right now at 240-456-0016 (office), or text us at 443-668-1173 (direct/text) the quickest response.

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